Who is
Lydia Sherice...


Lydia Sherice was born in Columbus, Georgia, and raised in Camden, NJ. She currently resides in the DC Area and can travel to the Philadelphia Area. She is a Model, Actress, Digital Marketing Strategist and Overall Entrepreneur.

She has a lovable & fun personality and is very passionate. You might want to say she is sweet and spicy. Yin and Yang! When she isn't working her skills, you can catch her binge watching a documentary,comedy,Anime/Disney or listening to music.

Or...she might be eating. Either way she is parenting her 2 eccentric children.

At a very early age, Lydia set her mind & heart on Acting & Modeling and is now pursuing it as a career.  Lydia has many skill-sets ,such as; taking direction, improvisation, showing a wide range of emotions, public speaking, and using teleprompter and many more.